About Us

The company mission

LinQ’s mission is to improve our customer’s business by providing the components of the electrical and mechanical installation – like bundles, cabinets and metal parts. We enable customers to focus on their core business, while LinQ engages itself in the production, delivery and installation of the ordered items. Combining our focus on customer needs along with the skills of our team of specialists, LinQ establishes qualitative teamwork that drives our company and motivates us to constantly improve the quality of our products and expand LinQ’s offering furthermore.

  • History of LinQ

    Our cooperation with the customer is based on a valuable, long-term partnership. LinQ has been established as a response to the rising demand in the industrial field, supported by two engineers in industrial automotion since 1989. We have been strengthening our international activity since 2010, fulfilling a strategic role as a manufacturer of mechanical and electrical components.
    Highly qualified, young people deal with the production in Poland, creating a dynamic operating team.

    The customer is the most important for us. Our priority is establishing valuable relationships with our clients and reaching their satisfaction through delivering a qualitative service. Upon receipt of the technical documentation for a given electrical harness or control cabinet, we make every effort to meet the customer’s requirements while maintaining beneficial value for money.

    A large part of our production is dedicated to the wind industry and passenger elevators, in which the safety and reliability of our products is of utmost importance. Consequently, highly trained QA-staff checks every product that is leaving our warehouses in order to maintain the highest level of quality. We are serving companies like Siemens and Vestas, which confirms the high standards of our products.