Taking into consideration that currently most devices comprise a combination of different functionalities, it is necessary to use cable bundles to ensure engagement between its parts. A simple connection is carried out by applying a basic harness consisting of cut-to-length wires. Their ends are tightened and then mounted in the housing. Such a prepared cable harness allows you to connect it to your device.
The connecting element can be easily made from a single wire with an appropriately adapted connection or consist of thousands of wires with electrical parts and many other parts, including mechanical parts.
We supply mainly two types of cables for our customers: mass production complex bundles, and bundles in production amounts, beginning with one piece, with short lead times.

wiązka pojedynczawiązka

Cables for batteries and fuse boxes

We are also developing specialized cables that allow safe transit of energy from the battery to the receiver due to increased electrical resistance and mechanical strength.
Due to the fact that security is a very important aspect of human life, fuse boxes form a proud position in our offer.


We make every effort to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Our staff is well trained and thanks to this we are able to maintain timely production and customer satisfaction with the goods ordered from us.


In our company technologies are divided into two major areas:

1. Product technology

First, we conduct a thorough analysis of the customer’s project. Then we decode the project for introduction into production, and finally accept suggestions for changes or improvements.

2. Process technology

We will prepare the production process. We implement parts for assembly. We constantly apply hot-fixes perfecting the quality of the products.

We refine every step of production to perfection with a profit for both parties. The production time is fully optimized so that orders are fulfilled as quickly as possible, while maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction with the cost of the order placed. Our technologists are up to the task and through their work gain not only customer satisfaction but also the knowledge that allows for the implementation of increasingly complex projects.


We supply the materials directly from major manufacturers and suppliers specializing in the elements of electrical systems such as cables, terminals, housing. Our customers have access to all the materials in our warehouse.


We use the machines and instrumentation of leading manufacturers in production.

Thanks to it we are an important cog in the mechanism of the market, and our products are enjoyed by well-known companies such as Siemens and ...


The tradition which we share with Transmog allows us to carry out a wide range of services, from production assortment targeted at a wide range of electro-technical industries through to the design, assembly, installation and delivery up to maintaining the operation of the machines.

We constantly take care of the development of our company and our employees. We also help our customers develop by solving problems not only with the electrical installation, mechanical parts or switching devices, but also deal with solving the engineering problems of our customers.

The problems of our customers are the only lock to which the key is LinQ.


Before we obtain a finished product that meets all customer expectations, we surrender the copy of the test utility to increase the strength, functionality and ergonomics of the final product.

A grain of sand can tip the balance, therefore, we try to find all possible defects that are hidden in the operation of our project.


Have you used our services and have questions? Maybe you have some problem or defect? Contact us! We are always at your fingertips, offer help, advice and service.