Taking into consideration that currently most devices comprise a combination of different functionalities, it is necessary to use cable bundles to ensure engagement between its parts. A simple connection is carried out by applying a basic harness consisting of cut-to-length wires. Their ends are tightened and then mounted in the housing. Such a prepared cable harness allows you to connect it to your device.
The connecting element can be easily made from a single wire with an appropriately adapted connection or consist of thousands of wires with electrical parts and many other parts, including mechanical parts.
We supply mainly two types of cables for our customers: mass production complex bundles, and bundles in production amounts, beginning with one piece, with short lead times.
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Metal parts

Thanks to the excellent cooperation with our suppliers, we offer the production of a wide range of metal parts in the form of a sub-contract Our knowledge and experience in the industry means that the shape, size and the required parameters of the element are limited only by the imagination and the needs of our customers. We specialize in metals exactly with each segment, including aluminum, steel or stainless steel.
Not only do we supply sheared, bent and welded parts, but also carry out all services related to the installation of the ordered items ready as a whole, the end result is tailored precisely to customer requirements.
With a view to customer satisfaction, we will be happy to offer our advice and assistance in designing and establishing the details of the contract so that as a result we achieve the highest quality products and services.

Control Cabinets

The LinQ company is engaged in manufacturing control cabinets tailored to customer needs We produce cabinets according to the customers’ technical documentation regardless of the size and number of ordered pieces.
Immediately after receiving the necessary data we proceed to the analysis including the valuation of contract and the estimated time of work, with a view to precisely determining the time of delivery.
The finished control cabinets are subjected to quality tests and then carefully packed so that the customer receives goods of the highest quality.
We produce mass production cabinets of small control boxes to large container control stations. In addition design, prototyping, post-warranty service and support obtained from our products are all part of the LinQ service. więcej “Control Cabinets”