Control Cabinets

The LinQ company is engaged in manufacturing control cabinets tailored to customer needs We produce cabinets according to the customers’ technical documentation regardless of the size and number of ordered pieces.
Immediately after receiving the necessary data we proceed to the analysis including the valuation of contract and the estimated time of work, with a view to precisely determining the time of delivery.
The finished control cabinets are subjected to quality tests and then carefully packed so that the customer receives goods of the highest quality.
We produce mass production cabinets of small control boxes to large container control stations. In addition design, prototyping, post-warranty service and support obtained from our products are all part of the LinQ service.

Everything is done according to customer requirements, maintaining the relevant European standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 14001.
Thanks to our own technological park, production is under the constant supervision of specialists. Testing the newly created instruments proceeds according to customer requirements. Devices used in our facilities are:
• Mecal pneumatic presses.
• Schleuniger wire processing station.
• Determining the technology of the Markem-Imaje Ink-jet integrated station.
• Schleuniger pneumatic insulating cable station.
• Phoenix Contact label printers and terminals.
Our offer includes:
• Customized Production – MTO [Make to Order].
• Warehouse production – MTS [Make to Stock].
• Our company produces serial data items in order to be able to reach the market at the right time and the right amount based on the expected demand for the product.
• Contractual production.
• Testing – In the period following the order the customer has the possibility of influencing the final product in such a way as to meet their expectations to the highest degree.