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DC charging stations

Our highly competent engineering team will support you with design and co-engineering. We work in accordance with the latest technological knowledge, attending specialist courses and implementing new solutions in LinQ Europe.

Simplicity is the key

LinQ Europe boasts clean and flexible design, simplicity layout consistency and intuitive navigation. The charging station was created to meet all legal and EV-Mobility industry requirements. Every detail was adapted to the requirements of the end user and his experience with the use of fast charging stations. Improve your competitiveness and experiencing your brand with simple and user friendly fast charging station.

Super fast charing

For every Plugin Hybrid and / or full electric car. Aesthetically very attractive charging solutions for installation at companies and in public spaces

Customizable enclosure and shape

As a provider of a fast charging point, you naturally attach importance to creating a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure. One that provides its function for a long time, easily and without problems.

CCS standards

Available in different versions with a DC power output ranging from max. 40 kW to 240kW @CCS

Impressive Features

DC charging for Speed

Fast DC charging station give you efficiency charging point for your clients

Flexible and Multipurpose

Our modular solution offers unlimited possibilities and flexible expansion

Easy use

Intuitive structure and interface allow for easy operation

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