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Electrical boxes

Prefabrication of electrical boxes for control systems. We create control boxes based on customer requirements, as well as completly new projects

We are the supplier for various types of electrical assemblies. We can support you with small and simple assembly as well as more complex and advanced control boxes. Our engineering and competence assuring team is constantly monitoring production unit to provide you with the highest quality level of electrical assembly.
All finished products are also 100% visually and functionally tested.

We provide the following types of assemblies:

  • Sub-products like: limit switches assemblies, external lights, power supply cables, connection boxes and others,
  • Control boxes: from simple design to advanced with complex electrical logic

Please have in mind that our engineering team can support you with co-engineering, makes your BOM-list more efficient when needed or can help to simplify the electrical diagrams.

Branch production

Branch production gives more control over the product

Flexible and Multipurpose

Quick possibility of introducing changes to already manufactured product

Supply chain

The supply chain guarantees production without delays

Customer Support

Technical and business support

Deliveries on time

Our goal is to always deliver the product to the customer on time

Advanced Purchasing

Powerful and flexible tool to purchase on time


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