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Production & End-test

Production, functional test and quality test are the most important stages in prefabrication of electrical boxes. At LinQ, the entire process is based on an ERP system, which allows co-monitoring of each stage of production. Starting with the order from the client through assembly and ending up with shipping. A detailed production control and test of each finished product guarantee high quality.


Test procedures performed at LinQ Europe are in accordance with the applicable standards PN-EN 60204-1 and PN-EN 61439-1. All manufactured products are given to the final test. Measurements and functional tests are performed on each manufactured product to eliminate assembly errors and ensure the highest quality of final products.


Fully automatic system for testing device and electrical cabinets with special requirements. It will be a system of the German company WEETECH, which specializes in the production and implementation of such systems. This system allows you to perform all necessary measurements and tests. In addition, it controls the entire testing process so that the operator performs all tests correctly and in accordance with applicable regulations.