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Our highly competent engineering team will support you with design and co-engineering. We work in accordance with the latest technological knowledge, attending specialist courses and implementing new solutions in LinQ Europe.

Since 2017, we have been constantly expanding our engineering team with new and experienced team members and specific tools that are helpful in meeting the needs of our customers.

LinQ Europe quickly understood that a partial relief of the workload in the engineering departments of our customers could add value. When the client entrusts us with projects as a subcontractor, we provide free co-engineering to optimize the existing assemblies where possible. This often also leads to cost savings.

By using SEE Electrical design program we can prepare 3D design of electrical boxes thanks to which we can accurately check all features of the project.

We can support you with both electrical and mechanical assemblies.

Each project is treated as a challenge to rise up to:

  • optimal design of production processes
  • constant engineering supervision enables high quality
  • quick and precise prototyping and production process
  • introducing new projects for serial production
  • searching for new technologies and solutions
  • studing new markets requirements


Preparation of project documentation


Providing prototype of your product

Final test assurance

Preparation of testing procedures

Process analysis

Analysis of ready solutions and improvements

New solution

Our proposal of more efficient solutions


Projects adapted to your budget

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